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Nowe łącza satelitarne firmy TS2

Firma TS2 z Warszawy wprowadza na rynek międzynarodowy nowe produkty łączności satelitarnej. Nowa oferta TS2 to szerokopasmowy internet oraz sieci korporacyjne oparte na satelitach dla odbiorców z całego świata.

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Back in the 70's and 80's, I think I can recall when Pilsner Urquell had a touch of pitch taste from the lined tuns where it was streod. Michael Jackson referred in his writings to "a whole room of them", expressing doubt that the brewer's pitch wouldn't have some impact on flavour. In my view he was right (as so often).It was a slightly "musty" taste, that added complexity. Today, the taste is absent but it is still a great beer, perhaps better.Many English-language writers in the 1800's, the boosters of lager, refer to this taste as a necessary part of the lager taste, but I believe not all lager then tasted so good as a result of it; rather, it was an acquired taste that people associated with the new drink. While my reading suggests that the English experimented with enameled casks particularly for export, I agree that there was no methodical use of the process by English brewers and in fact they didn't want such a taste in the beer whether from that source or the wood taste of the oak barrels. Casks were carefully cleaned and sanitized to avoid as much as possible all such flavour. This is why today I find it ironic that oak tastes from barrel-aged beers are lauded as an advantage. I think in the 1800's, that would have been seen as a disadvantage except perhaps in the few old ales that still existed. But it shows too the relative nature of taste... Gary