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Taxity - taksówka online

Twórcy bezpłatnej aplikacji Taxity, którzy dotychczas uruchomili usługę zamawiania
taksówek online na platformach Android i BlackBerry, nie zapomnieli o użytkownikach
swojej aplikacji na Windows Phone 7.
Wykorzystując unikalną funkcję WP7: interfejs METRO, aplikacja Taxity proponuje nową
jakość, która pozwoli na sprawne i wygodne korzystanie z usług taksówkarskich w kilku
miastach, i to nie tylko w tych największych.
Nowa wersja Taxity zawiera lubiany przez użytkowników WP7 interfejs metro oraz możliwość przypinania ulubionych elementów do ekranu startowego.

Taxity, to aktualnie ponad 900 firm w ponad 200 polskich miastach, aktualny cennik,
możliwość edytowania i wprowadzania zmian, na poziomie użytkownika, możliwość oceniania i
komentowania usług, i wiele innych niezbędnych dla użytkownika funkcjonalności.

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Background: I am a meat eater and trying to eat haiethelr and wanted an alternative to sausage or bacon for my breakfast sandwich; can't lie I like my cheetos, chinese food, and pizza but have been cutting back!I'm giving it a 5; I originally thought maybe a 3.5-4 because it's not the same as meat, obviously and I knew what was in it maybe it tainted my view (not fully committed to such healthy ingredients). However, I feel the need to evaluate it on it's own merits it's entirely plant based and pretty good at that, so that brought it up to 4-4.5 (I couldn't quite commit to a 5 on my own, because a local pizza place I like has a non-meat (not sure if its vegan or vegetarian) breakfast patty I really like too. What made it a 5/5 is that I made a breakfast sandwich and had my s.o. try it, and he REALLY liked it and he does not usually like my healthy alternatives and would eat pizza and taco bell every day if he could. I personally thought the liquid smoke and fennel seeds were about 2x as much as my palate likes, but when it cooks it loses some intensity. My s.o. also usually does not like over seasoning and liked the bfast sandwich (I think he might taste more of the seasoning if he ate it as a patty on it's own.Here is the nutritional information: Servings 5-6 (size of a opening of a coffee cup, about 1/2 thick): Based on 5 servings, Cal 108Fat 1g (not sure how, my calorie tracker showed 0 for each ingredient, but 1 for the total so might be some very small quantities in each ingredient), Carbs 19g, Protein 9g, Trans Fat 0g, Sat Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0g, Sodium 278mg, Net Carbs 14g, Fiber 4g, Sugars 4g. %RDA: Calcium 5%, Iron 25%, B-6 55%, B-12 22%, Vit E 1%, Vit K 1%, Magnesium 8%, Phosphorous 11%, Potassium 2%, Zinc 7%, Copper 9%, Manganese 35%, Selenium 20%, Thiamin 33%, Riboflavin 53%, Niacin 29%, Pant. Acid 5%, Folate 6%If you are not a vegan or vegetarian, you will likely not have these ingredients in your pantry and nutritional yeast is NOT the same as baking yeast. (Nutritional yeast comes in a powder or flake form it is probably in the health food or bulk section of supermarket); it adds nutritional value as well as is used in some recipes to make them creamier.